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401082 Social & Cultural Diversity Assessment Answers

401082 Social & Cultural Diversity Assessment Answers
December 06, 2022

401082 Social & Cultural Diversity Assessment Answers

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“Diversity is one authentic thing that we have in common. Cherish it”

Social & Cultural Diversity

The world offers a lot of diversity in terms of culture, background, race, caste, language, ethnicity etc. It is like a beautiful canvas, that consists of numerous shades of diversity.

401082 Social & Cultural Diversity is a course that encourages students to study and discuss various health-related concepts in terms of cultural and social diversity. Any student pursuing this would gain a critical knowledge about some core principles. These principles are mandatory for students to become holistic, sensitive in terms of different culture and be adaptable while responding to the health needs of various Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals. Not just this, 401082 Social & Cultural Diversity Assessments would also enable students to understand the requirements of other marginalised and vulnerable groups, which include refugees, people from LGBT community as well as people from other diverse backgrounds.

An approach which is based on case studies furnishes students with the framework of exploring the different impacts of varied attitudes and value systems in the context of the health of the people in Australia. Realising this, the experts at Online Assignment Expert are here to guide you with this course.

How Our 401082 Social & Cultural Diversity Assignment Experts Aid Students?

To let you know how we have dealt with such complex assignments and completed some really good one, here is a free 401082 sample that our experts have worked on.

Experts Aid Students

So, this is an Online Assignment Expert that our experts had written for reference purpose of students. This is a step by step guide on how our experts had approached the assignment.

  • Firstly, our assignment helpexperts identified an appropriate Torres Strait Islander community and carried out an extensive research about them.
  • Thereon, they traced some of the cultural practices that were existing in their community and related it with the concept of dreaming.
  • Then, our experts identified some of the major laws prevalent in their community and understood the background of that particular law.
  • Thereafter, our 401082 Social & Cultural Diversityexperts discussed the concept of kinship in their community as well as the communities around them.
  • In the end, they researched the European community and the effects it has on the Torres Islanders community. Ultimately, they completed the assignment by reflecting upon the political, cultural, social, economic issues and how it affected the community.

3 Ways to Overcome Cultural Barrier

Basically, the prime aim of 401082 Social & Cultural Diversity Assessments is to impart an approach which helps to build a culturally and socially balanced atmosphere. So, our assignment experts have devised certain ways to overcome cultural barrier at universities and workplaces, which crop up in these institutions. These ways are:

1. Learning a few key phrases

Though we understand that it is always not possible to learn different languages, however, it is always advisable to learn a few key phrases depending upon the languages that people speak around you. This would facilitate an effective communication.

2. Learn other cultures

Our 401082 assignment experts suggest students inquire about other students around them. for instance, if you ask your friend from some other community about his likes and dislikes in food or any other thing, it would help to build a congenial atmosphere. Also, knowing the culture of some other community is always fun, isn’t it?

3. Be accommodative

As the world is full of diversity, therefore, according to our 401082 Social & Cultural Diversity Assessment help experts, one needs to inculcate the trait of being a bit accommodative in nature. This means that one must appreciate different cultures around him and try to fit into that culture. Everyone loves their own culture, but being accommodative would help facilitate a friendly atmosphere at the workplace or university.

Why Our 401082 Social & Cultural Diversity Assessment Help Experts?

Our assignment help professionals at Online Assignment Expert guide students with these tedious assignments. Through our 401082 Social & Cultural Diversity Assessment help, you would be able to gain a critical knowledge about various core principles of the course. Moreover, you would become holistic and sensitive in terms of different cultures while responding to the different health needs of the Torres Strait Islanders community.

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