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6 Tips for Writing a College Application Essay for a Remarkable First Impression

6 Tips for Writing a College Application Essay for a Remarkable First Impression
December 06, 2022

6 Tips for Writing a College Application Essay for a Remarkable First Impression

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Drake, a student who applied at Australian National University, had recently submitted his college application forms and completed most of the formalities. He was at the last step of the admission process which was about writing a college application essay. He tried his level best but wasn’t convinced with his college application essay and began searching online about impressive college application essay writing. He then stumbled upon Online Assignment Expert and took a breath sigh. Here, he not only got the best college application essay which helped him through the admission procedure in the university but also got the opportunity to choose his own expert. 

If you too relate to Drake’s story, the next best thing you can do for yourself is to shake hands with Online Assignment Expert if facing difficulties with writing a college application essay. Here, you will get assisted by a pool of zealous subject matter connoisseurs who have led hundreds of students to win admission to their favourite university. College application essay is the cornerstone of college admissions that helps you project the snapshot of your personal experience, the lessons learned, and how it transformed you. Online Assignment Expert will help you out in the best possible manner as to how you should go about it to impress your admission officer.

Here, in this blog, I will be discussing the top 6 tips for writing a college application essay for a remarkable first impression. What are you waiting for? Scroll on and binge read to help yourself out in writing the best college application essay. Here you go!

TIP #1: You chose the topic, so highlight yourself

The first thing to keep in mind for college application essay writing is to highlight yourself as you are the one who chose the topic. So, in the entire write-up, it is imperative that you talk about your personal views and thoughts on the topic. To highlight what your point of view is in regard to the topic, you take the creative approach. In addition to this, cover up those pointers that have not been covered up till then. 

TIP #2: Don’t just narrate what and how things happened, but also reflect on them

The best college application essay is one that has more than just narration. It is fine that you narrate about what and how things happened, but it’s even more significant and will fetch you brownie points if you go an extra mile and give more than the play-by-play things. Let's say, for instance, you talk about a book that changed your perspective of looking at life. So, in this way, you just don’t have to talk about what’s there in the book, rather explain how it changed your perspective and/or what you learn from it. 

TIP #3: Avoid contemplating about being witty in your essay

Just hold on right then and there, if by any chance you are thinking about being witty in your essay. No doubt that if you make your reader laugh (be it your examiner or college administrator), your work will not get lost in the shuffle. But here we also have major risks involved. Maybe what seems funny to you doesn’t go down well with the officer. Therefore, it is always better to keep a decent distance from limericks, one-liners, or anything that’s off-colour.

TIP #4: Your essay, your opinion –that’s the key

What’s the best college application essay? Have you ever pondered over this question before starting to work on your college application essay? The key is that you as a writer have to take ownership of the essay. You must be able to reflect your own voice in the entire essay to make it completely yours and that’s how it should be! The trick here is that you can stay put in using phrases or notions that were already used earlier. On the contrary, what you must do is, you can write your first-hand experiences, action, or the reasons that led you to take those certain steps. 

TIP #5: Be aware that you don’t naysay your own opinions in the essay

It is very important in all spheres that you must not contradict your own statements in any section of your essay. Where will be your standpoint if you contradict what you have already stated? So, the best way to not do so is to pen down the points you have in mind, arrange them in chronological order and then you can go ahead with the essay. Moreover, never ever repeat your points again in the essay. Keep one point once, explain it, voice your opinion, and then move on to the other. 

TIP #6: Read and edit several times until you get satisfied

It is imperative that the best college application essay has simply no mistakes at all. While proofreading what all you have to do? Well, basic things to keep a check on are spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Apart from this, you also have to make sure that you keep the grip of interest all throughout the essay. Thirdly, make sure that the essays flow. Fourthly, check if your essay is logical enough. After proofreading yourself; handover the script to some expert whether your professor or counsellor, whomever you want. 

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