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A Beginner’s Guide To Write A Position Paper

A Beginner’s Guide To Write A Position Paper
December 30, 2021

A Beginner’s Guide To Write A Position Paper

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Beginners Guide to Write a Position Paper

Consider the following scenario. You've had this brilliant idea for a position paper that you think will be the finest. You always got good grades in school for your essays, but you haven't written anything since you filled out a hiring process. So, do you give up on your dream of getting HD grades or do you stick to your guns and seek Essay Writing Help for A beginner’s guide to write a position paper?

If you're dying on how to write a position paper with that effective approach now, there's plenty of solid advice available. Give it a shot since you'll always regret it if you don't. Here are a few pointers that might be useful.

How to Write a Position Paper: Background Information

A position paper is a plan that explains an issue, the viewpoint of your country, and potential remedies. Writing a position paper for each of your themes is critical because it will enable you to acquire perspective on the situation and educate you for the MUN conference. Writing a successful position paper necessitates not only research abilities but also the capacity to critically examine the data gathered throughout your investigation.

A typical position paper is 1-2 pages long and includes additional components, each of which should be 1-3 paragraphs long: Introduction, Previous International Action, Country Policy, and Alternative Responses. We'll go over how to construct the first paragraph of a policy document topic background–in this post. This is where you provided a brief outline of the issue and why it is significant in your position statement.

Define the subject.

It's critical to understand the definition of the issue you're publishing about, and it's a fantastic place to start your investigation. You should strive to obtain details regarding the issue when you have a short, generic definition of your topic. To gain a complete picture of the subject, read articles, papers, information guides, and other publications.

Answer crucial questions and identify key phrases.

As you progress through your research, you should have a sense of what significant terms are associated with the subject. The questions "Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How?" might help you find key terms and generate questions for your study. You can uncover sub-issues that will break down the topic and make it a lot easier to compose the topic information by evaluating these important terms and queries.

You may also seek Essay Writing Help to complete your assignment or position paperwork within the deadline.

Make use of reliable sources.

It's critical to collect all of your contextual information on your issue from trustworthy sources. Because the evidence you acquire for your position paper and what you say in the conference will be findings from the research, it must be important and truthful. What are some trustworthy resources? Because you're doing Model UN, the United Nations is, of course, the most reliable source! Aside from that, news organisations, academic articles, and state government websites can all be trusted. Avoid citing Wikipedia or the convention information guide, even if they are helpful places to start for knowledge.

APA, MLA, and Other Styles for Position Papers Described

Students must learn to blend multiple formatting styles into various essays in essay papers. What method do you use to determine the required style? Typically, essay directions specify the format in which students should submit their work. As a result, if you're unclear, ask your professor about the required formatting style. The most frequent formatting styles are APA, MLA, and Chicago. Each style is distinct and differs somewhat from the others.

Scholars usually recommend using the APA format for citing a position paper. Start with the author's name, publication year, title name, location, and publisher's name in this format. To avoid breaking the citation standards, pay attention to where the comma, full stop, and semi-colon are placed.

It is critical to gain a better understanding of the different formatting styles in order to choose which one is ideal for a given article.

10 Key Steps to Write a Position Papers

  • Make a decision on a topic. The perfect topic is one in which you have a great deal of interest or viewpoint. Find some publications on your subject to read. It is best to read from several perspectives. Try to gain a sense of the diverse points of view on the subject.
  • Make a list of your position ideas. Choose one aspect of the subject to analyse and write a one-sentence response. Check to check if this is a valid point of view. Are there any other viewpoints? If everyone believes in the topic, you don't have much of a basis on which to construct a convincing essay.
  • Collect information from many sources. You can prepare your thesis using articles you've read, but you may wish to gather further evidence to back up your claims.
  • Choose the type of claim you're going to make (fact, definition, cause, value, policy). Examine your references and come up with a claim summary. The thesis of your dissertation will be this claim expression.
  • Prepare for your listeners by prewriting (see questions below).
  • Use the ideas from "Writing your Outline" to create an outline based on the facts you've obtained and your pre-writing about your core demographic.
  • Write your paper in MLA format, including author tags, evidence, and citations.
  • Editing by Peers: Have someone else read your article and answer the "Draft Editing Tasks."
  • Modify your manuscript based on the feedback you received from your audience (s).

Why Does Research Help You Write?

It is conceivable to compose position essays without relying on outside sources for evidence. You can just rely on logic and personal knowledge. A position essay, on the other hand, will frequently rely on evidence such as statistics, expert opinion, or case studies. As a result, the reader does not have to rely solely on your judgement.

You can strengthen your case by collecting evidence from other sources. Integrate sources into your essay in one of three ways: quote, interpretation, or summation. However, you should use citations selectively and ensure that all of your sources are properly cited in MLA or APA format.

What Questions Should We Consider While Writing A Position Paper?

You must identify mutual understanding with your audience in order to develop an effective case for position writings.

While "preaching to the choir" and "rallying the troops" to defend something they already firmly believe has some value, most explanations are more persuasive when they strive to convince the audience that is indecisive or not strongly in favour of your stance. Here are a few questions to help you determine how to write a position paper and discover what you have in agreement with them:

  • What is the demographic of your target market? What do they think about your situation?
  • After reading your article, what do you want readers to believe or do?
  • What are the justifications (values or strong convictions) that your audience has regarding this topic?
  • What are the differences and similarities between your warrants (values or strong convictions) and those of your audience?
  • What points of agreement do you and your audience have? What are your essential wants, values, and perceptions? Important requirements, health, financial well-being, compassion and companionship, respect and admiration of others, self-esteem, unique challenge, personality, and convenience are examples of beliefs and priorities that inspire most audiences.
  • Which of these needs and values are most relevant to you?

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