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ACCT3302 Financial Statement Analysis Assessment Answers

ACCT3302 Financial Statement Analysis Assessment Answers
December 03, 2022

ACCT3302 Financial Statement Analysis Assessment Answers

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ACCT3302 Financial Statement Analysis is a course which provides the students the knowledge about various corporate business practices. This framework helps them to use financial statement data effectively in analysing various business and estimation contexts.

An ACCT3302 Financial Statement Analysis Assessment would help them to examine what role accounting information plays in the economy. Also, students study the benefits of finance analysis in markets.

Realising this, our experts at Online Assignment Expert are here to guide you on such assessments. This way you would develop an understanding of the existing corporate communication activities as well as several instruments which help in adding value to your firm.

How Our ACCT3302 Financial Statement Analysis Experts Aid Students?

To let you know how we approach this kind of ACCT3302 assignments, and completed some really good ones, here is a free Financial Statement Analysis sample.

This is a sample that our experts have written for the reference purpose of the students. This is how the experts have completed such assignments:

  • Firstly, our ACCT3302 assignment experts carry out an extensive research on SIGMA, which is a methodological level for designing entire management systems. Further, they study the core of this methodology (DMAIC) which comprises of defining, measuring, analysing, improving and controlling the organisation.
  • Thereon, they study about API, which is application program interface. Next, they carry out a comparative study between these two methods and then recommend which of those two is more beneficial for the organisation.
  • Thereafter, they demonstrate how financial analysis and industry analysis are corelated with each other. Then, our assignment help experts solve the given question by incorporating finance terms like Du Pont analysis, working capital ratios, liquidity ratios, solvency ratios.
  • In the end, they complete the report by assessing how SIGMA and API would benefit the organisation separately.

Major Components of ACCT3302 Financial Statement Analysis

Basically, ACCT3302 Financial Statement Analysis consists of five major components, which are –

Business Strategy Analysis

It is the initial point of analysis which sets the foundation of all other types of analysis. There are many tools which are used in this including SWOT, PEST, Porter’s five forces, four corner’s, value chain, early warning, war gaming analysis. So, under this component, our assignment help experts guide students on each of these tools.

Accounting Analysis

Accounting analysis is the process by which students examine how various rules and conventions of accounting characterise the reality of the economy in a firm. We guide students on accounting concepts in the form of a balance sheet. We also help students to conduct an analysis of nominal accounts.

Financial Analysis

Our Finance assignment help experts say that it involves using ratios for analysing the performance of a firm in relation to appropriately set benchmarks. Our ACCT3302 assessment help experts guide students on the usage of a set of financial data for assessing the performance of a company, thereby making recommendations about various methods of improvement.

Prospective Analysis

Basically, in a prospective analysis, students develop forecast information about the financial statements of any firm that can be used to estimate the value of a firm. For instance, we guide students on risk management, wherein we make students aware of hazards which can prove to be rendering the organisation futile. There are many forms of prospective analysis like design evaluation and others.

Applying the aforementioned techniques

Our ACCT3302 Financial Statement Analysis experts help students to apply the above-mentioned techniques for performing various other things like equity security analysis, credit analysis as well as distress prediction. We also guide students to comprehend the imperative elements of various activities of merger and acquisition.

Why Our ACCT3302 Financial Statement Analysis Experts?

We at Online Assignment Expert are a steadfast team of erudite assignment help experts who have been delivering expert guidance on various topics in over 50 disciplines.

This was just a brief discussion about ACCT3302 Financial Statement Analysis course. For more information about this course, or any other subject, contact us.

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