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Addressing Nursing Complications in NRSG263 Mental Health Assessment Answers

Addressing Nursing Complications in NRSG263 Mental Health Assessment Answers
February 04, 2023

Addressing Nursing Complications in NRSG263 Mental Health Assessment Answers

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Writing NRSG263 principles of nursing assessment answers can become easier if you take help from the right person. So, if you’re getting stuck in preparing the answers, then taking guidance from a nursing assignment expert is the best decision that you can make. At My Essay Mate, we explain how to tackle such complex assessment tasks, and even show you how to easily score the top grades in your NRSG263 mental health assessment answers.


NRSG263 Assignment Questions

To write the NRSG263 assessment answers, you need to address these four questions:

  1. Identification of up to three issues that may contribute to problematic substance abuse. Use of credible sources is highly recommended to describe the issues.
  2. Discuss the chosen issues with the help of principles of trauma-informed care and practice.
  3. Identify and evaluate how the chosen issues should inform the mental nurse’s collaboration with the person that will help him/her achieve personal recovery.
  4. Critically discuss how nurses can apply trauma-informed care principles when engaging with customers

To prepare your NRSG263 mental health nursing assessment answers, you can start by briefing about mental health and the various treatments provided by registered nurses to people suffering from this physiological state. Mental health, which basically refers to how satisfactory the emotional and behavioral levels are, is equally as important as being physically well for any person. In this NRSG263 nursing assessment answer, you have to focus on mental health and complex trauma in the context of patients who are suffering from it.

How to use Trauma Informed Care and Practice Model Here?

Our nursing experts, who prepare nrsg263 principles of nursing assessment answers, suggest that, since, you have to include TCIP or Trauma Practice and Informed Care in the answers, it would be better to talk about the patient’s experience with trauma in his/her life. Then, proceed further to depression, bipolar diseases, and other mood-related issues that the patient may face.

Bipolar disease is a form of a cyclical illness in which the patient first encounters set of depression episodes and then gets back to a normal state. This cycle repeats multiple times and there are two phases – the maniac phase and depressive phases. It can be be an added advantage if you state examples bipolar diseases in this context.

One more nursing complication that you can address here is the low self-esteem. This, too, is associated with human trauma and is considered to be one of the potential reasons for substance abuse. Our nursing experts who write NRSG263 principles of nursing assessment answers suggest that you include the characteristics of this complication such as hyperactivity, emotional behavior, impulsivity, and more. Explaining each of these will further the quality of your work. Thus, if you want to score really well, then you must address the three nursing complications in your assignment– bipolar disorder, depression, and self-esteem. Or, you can ask a nursing assignment help provider to assist you with this task.

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