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Writing An Assignment On Consumer Buying Behaviour Effortlessly!

Writing An Assignment On Consumer Buying Behaviour Effortlessly!
December 06, 2022

Writing An Assignment On Consumer Buying Behaviour Effortlessly!

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Consumer buying behaviour is a major and complex topic in marketing. Basically, students are rolled out a lot of assignments, primarily of which are report writing assessments. So, we bring forth you the report writing experts of Online Assignment Expert who would be sharing some of the ways by which you can write an assignment on consumer buying behaviour easily.

Format Of a Consumer Behaviour Report

Assessment Format

So, first of all it is important for you to know that there is a basic professional structure that you must follow, when you are doing such report writing assessments. The above attached image gives you a glimpse of the table of contents that you have to include in your report.

Consumer And Buyer Behaviour: All Explained!

Before you begin doing your assignments, our marketing assignment help experts feel that it is important for you to be well-familiarised with the core concept, that is consumer and buyer behaviour. Basically, there are various stages through which a consumer passes before he actually decides to purchase a particular product/service. This is known as consumer and buyer behaviour.

How To Write An Assignment On Consumer Buying Behaviour?

The Task

To let you know how to approach such assignments, let us first have a look at the kind of questions that come under such assignments. Our report writing experts would then explain you what all to include in this.

As you can see, you would be given a scenario based on which you have to draft a 2000-worded report. There are certain concepts and theories on consumer behaviour, that you need to include in the report. Let us show you how to write an assignment on consumer buying behaviour.

4 Theories That Must Be Included In Reports On Consumer Buying Behaviour

In order to determine consumer behaviour, you must have knowledge about the following 4 theories on consumer buying behaviour -

  • Theory of Reasoned Action

Basically, the crux of theory revolves around the role that pre-existing attitudes play in the process of decision making. This means that a consumer behaves based on the attitudes which they have for a particular product or interest. Thus, this theory is critical in decision-making process.

  • Engel, Kollet, Blackwell (EKB) Model

According to our marketing assignment writers, this model puts forth 5 steps that are used by consumers while making decision. This includes collection of data, input, processing, decision making and outcomes.

  • Motivation-need Theory

This theory says that consumers behave to fulfil their needs and this is based on 5 things, that is survival, safety, love, esteem and self-actualisation.

  • Hawkins Stern Impulse Buying

While the other models and theories focus on rational behaviour of the consumer, this theory elaborates the importance of impulse behaviour in the decision-making process.

Get Your Consumer Buying Behaviour Assessment Answer Today!

Just like we have been successful in clarifying the basics of consumer buying behaviour in this short blog, Online Assignment Expert can assist you with other topics and subjects as well and help you reach heights! So, get in touch with us now and get quality answers at your doorsteps.


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