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An Overview About Blue Brain

A Brief About Blue Brain
August 22, 2022

An Overview About Blue Brain

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An Overview About Blue Brain

How exciting would you find it when you know that there is the world’s first artificial brain among us, which functions in the same manner as a real human brain? It works similarly to your brain, whether in terms of feeling, emotions, memory, or decision making. Wouldn’t it be amazing to know that there is a brain that can store all the information you want, and with its help, you can get great results? For example, education pressure is one such thing that each one of us can relate to. So, when you submit a last-minute assignment or have to prepare for your final term exam, we often wish to have a robotic brain that could store every information or probably can become your expert for Computer Science homework help. Just ask your brain, and it will give you the answers with you having your actual involvement.

Many people might think that it isn’t true there is no such thing as a blue brain that can be your artificial brain and process as a real human brain. Well, to your surprise, there is an artificial brain in this world known as Blue Brain.

What is Blue Brain?

As mentioned before, Blue Brain is the world’s first artificial brain that has ever been developed. There is nothing to be stunned about in this constantly evolving and technology-integrated world. Having an artificial brain that can feel the same emotions as a real human brain is an incredible invention in the history of humankind.

The Blue Brain Project

Brain Mind Institute (BMI) and International Business Machines (IBM) collaborated to launch the Blue Brain Project (BBP) in July 2005 with the ultimate goal of imitating mammalian brain functions in great detail. It was established by Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) through its founder Henry Markram. The Blue Brain was invented with the aim of better understanding biological intelligence and its process using the Blue Brain technology. The Blue Brain project is a Swiss brain research project that aims to build a digital reconstruction of the mouse brain.

The Blue Brain Technology

Blue Brain technology is a virtual machine powered by ANNs, the Artificial Neural Networks. It is the advanced application of artificial intelligence (AI) to the human brain. Moving on, the Blue Gene supercomputer is used by the Blue Brain Technology that IBM created to kickstart the brain stimulation process.

According to the experts of Blue Brain creators, within 30 years from now, with the help of Blue Brain technology, we will be able to scan ourselves into computers. Working like the human brain, this artificial brain can think, feel, and make decisions like a human being.

From the My Essay Mate

According to our experts, the Blue Brain is the future generation invention to simulate the human brain and create something that functions likewise. The Blue Brain invention has the potential to be recognized as the wisest innovation of the era because this newest technology can help an actual brain in case of brain dysfunction.

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