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Debunking Myths of Coronavirus That You Should Not Fall For

Debunking Myths of Coronavirus That You Should Not Fall For
December 06, 2022

Debunking Myths of Coronavirus That You Should Not Fall For

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In the word of social media, spreading false rumours does not take time. As we all are aware of the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease. The SARS-CoV-2 has spread from Wuhan to every continent except Antarctica. As of today, over 220,000 coronavirus cases have been registered and over 9000 deaths. Meanwhile, there are a lot of rumours and fake news floating over the internet regarding coronavirus especially about wellness and health suggestions. Therefore, in this blog, we have addressed a few conspiracies and myths of coronavirus.

Myths of Coronavirus

  • Applying Alcohol Or Chlorine On Skin Kills Viruses

It is a rumour that spraying alcohol and chlorine over the body kills viruses but the fact is it causes harm to your body if it enters the mouth or eyes. Although such chemicals can be used to disinfect surfaces but should not be applied to the skin.

  • Coronavirus Only Affects Young People And Adults

People should know that coronaviruses can infect individuals of all age groups. However, an older individual having pre-existing health conditions like asthma and diabetes are very much likely to get ill.

  • Drink Plenty Of Water To Kill The Virus

It is a myth about coronavirus that keeping your mouth moist and drinking a lot of water can be helpful in preventing you from this virus, but there is no scientific evidence behind it. But it is a fact that staying hydrated helps in keeping the immune system strong. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, consuming a lot of water helps a human body in a number of functions including maintaining body temperature.

  • A Running Nose Probably Means You Are Just Infected By The Common Cold

The common symptoms of coronavirus such as running nose, high temperature, or continuous cough are very much similar to hyperthermia, common cold, etc. So, don’t get worried about these symptoms, just consult with the doctor and take precautions.

  • Holding Breath For 10 Seconds Without Coughing

Over the social media platform, the myth going around about coronavirus is taken a deep breath and holding it for at least 10 seconds and if you feel comfortable, you have no infection or fibrosis in the lungs. According to the American Lung Foundation, lung fibrosis is generally a lung scarring that occurs due to medication, genetics, infections, or certain diseases. Most probably, people having fibrosis have coughing and discomfort after holding more than 10 seconds of breath. So, don’t focus on such rumours and stay calm.

  • Taking Flu Vaccination To Get Help With Coronavirus

We have already discussed that symptoms of coronavirus and flu or influenza are quite similar. So having fever and cough can result in isolating or testing due to COVID-19. But until now, there is no such evidence that flu vaccination helps eliminate coronavirus. The people should know that COVID-19 takes place by the novel coronavirus whereas the flu is caused by influenza A and influenza B strains. The precautions for both are similar such as washing hands frequently with soap or warm water for at least 20 seconds, staying home, avoiding getting in contact with outsiders, cleaning the touched surfaces frequently, and more.

  • Face Masks Provide Guaranteed Protection From Coronavirus

face mask for coronavirus

Talking about healthcare specialists and workers, they use professional face masks that fit tightly to their faces and protect from getting infected. However, disposable masks fail to provide such protection level because these masks do not fit clearly against the face, viral particles and droplets can easily enter the body via the nose and mouth.

  • Coronavirus Will Fade Away With Exposure To High Temperatures

It is also a rumour that the effects of coronavirus fade away by summertime. As per Dr Marc Lipsitch working in the Communicable Disease Dynamics Center at the Harvard School of Public Health, it would be very soon to say something about it.

  • Every Covid-19 Infected Person Dies

This statement is totally untrue. Till date, more than 85,000 patients have recovered successfully. The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention has released a report stating that over 80% of Coronavirus cases were mild and treated on time.

  • Dogs And Cats Spread The Virus

It is tough to say that SARs-COV-2 infects dogs and cats. In Hong Kong, a Pomeranian, whose owner was infected by COVID-19, did not show any symptoms of the virus. A professor at the University of Nottingham in the UK said that “We should understand the difference between detecting the presence of the virus and real infection. He also said that it is till to think how appropriate it is to that of a human outbreak because global outbreaks are mostly driven by human-to-human transmission”.

While taking or giving health advice or talking about how to prevent coronavirus, it is pretty much important to know the facts. It is also necessary to stay calm, not to panic and take all possible precautions and educate others based on research, facts, and science. Stay safe. This shall pass!

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