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Development Assignment in CNA346 Transition to Professional Practice

Development Assignment in CNA346 Transition to Professional Practice
February 05, 2023

Development Assignment in CNA346 Transition to Professional Practice

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CNA346 is a course would that is definitely going to possess an assignment on Career Development. In the assignment, you will have to prepare a career development plan that would take up 30% of the total 60%.

The remaining 30% of the 60% would be counted for a self-evaluation plan.

This is what we are talking about.

CNA346 Transition to Professional Practice

As a student, it is important for you to understand how important this 60% is for your end semester assessment report.

If not taken care of rightly, you could even go down the vain in your final assessment! So, it is better that you keep up this blog and even save it for your future references for this blog, right here, is going to award you the 60% you deserve!

CNA346 Career Development Plan Question

CNA346 Career Development Plan Question

Tips on CNA346 Career Development Plan

It is important that you keep a track of the following when you sit down on your desk and begin to type your CNA346 assignment answer!

  • You would need to possess the basic knowledge of what a SWOT Analysis is. Since it is going to be a part of your self-evaluation, make sure you get it right.
  • Prepare a statement that shall describe your understanding on the involved (specific) nursing or ethical practice that you believe in by making sure that it does not look vague or irrelevant to the human eye.
  • Do not be done with a single explanation that compliments your professional career development plan.
  • You will need a good quality, rigid, real life example (if possible) in order to get the HD grade you want.
  • The role transformation shall also include the challenges, future learning needs and an avid exploration of career development. Also, a clear execution of the methods or strategies that you would use to cope up with those challenges that would also promote the transition is presented.
  • If you are able to include a reflection that would supplement the lifelong needs of your role with a clear interpretation of a self-evaluation (critical analysis) by the use of SWOT analysis as your friend; you shall be in a good position already.
  • Before you actually type, outline the career plan that may even be hypothetical (or your own) that mannerly depicts a clear representation of the roles, responsibilities and skills required for the JD of a Senior Nurse.
  • Lastly, the references you include shall be rightly formatted (according to your university's guidelines).

Solution for CNA346 Professional Career Development Plan

The philosophical statement you enclose before even starting your answer could be different, no doubt. The one done by our nursing assignment help experts looked somewhat like this.

phylosophy nursing practice

Next comes the SWOT analysis that is a must to be included in the answer to the above question file.

SWOT analysis in CNA346 Career Development Plan

SWOT analysis in CNA346 Career Development Plan

When we talk about a self-evaluation plan, there are some threshold features that it must imply or show. We are not going to go into those details. You can contact our nursing assignment help experts and they would tell you all about a self-evaluation that is bound to be there in CNA346.

For the CNA346 self-evaluation answer, the self-analysis in a reflection manner is a vital element of your answer. Believe us for we have encountered a million assignments on the same subject and found out that it significantly matters.

Self-Reflection and Analysis in CNA346

This is a screenshot to help you with how to start this section of your answer.

Self-Reflection and Analysis in CNA346

As we mentioned in the above-mentioned tips, the examples shall not be restricted to a single one. Instead, you shall at least include three. We would love to tell you about those three but they would be better understood by you when you email us.

To not send you home empty handed in this ground as well, we have enclosed two of those three examples.

identification three strategies for career development plan

Pro Tip: DO NOT LIMIT YOURSELF AT ONE EXAMPLE. We are repeating it again and again.


Oh, the referencing part is where most students tend to lose marks. It would take hours and hours of practice to perfect this part but it will be worth it.

If you do not have the hours to spare, let us know and we would ensure that you get a well and rightly referenced assignment solution as a part of our nursing assignment help. Be it APA, Harvard, Chicago, Vancouver; we have special experts whose only strength is referencing!

Your assignment solution would pass through them and be input with the best form of referencing wherein, even your assessor would not be able to find flaws!

Here’s a look at a sample that is again relevant to the above CNA346 solution.

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