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Explained! The 3 Levels of Evidences in NUR2300 Evidence Based Nursing Practice

Explained! The 3 Levels of Evidences in NUR2300 Evidence Based Nursing Practice
March 25, 2023

Explained! The 3 Levels of Evidences in NUR2300 Evidence Based Nursing Practice

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There is no explanation needed why nursing is considered to be the noblest professions nowadays. NUR2300 Evidence Based Nursing Practice is a course which is pursued by many students in Australia. In this course, students gain the knowledge needed to carry out research procedures within the experimental and naturalistic research models. Based on this information, students comprehend the existing methodologies that have been used in nursing.

Realising this, we at My Essay Mate guide students on various research methods, electronic database searches, ways to apply evidence-based practice in various fields of nursing and many others.

Why NUR2300 Evidence Based Nursing Practice Is Important?

This course is a comprehensive subject that consists of the following topics and their weightage:

  1. Research models, processes and existing methods- 30%
  2. Relationship between research and evidence-based practice- 10%
  3. Searching, reading, gauging the “best evidence”-30%
  4. Interpreting data, findings and bring out own recommendations- 20%
  5. Relating evidence-based practice with clinical decision making- 10%

How the Nursing Assignment Help Experts Aid Students with NUR2300 Sample?

In order to do this question, experts basically underline five basic steps which a student must be aware of and adhere to, which are as follows:

  • The assignment must begin by following and catering to each of the aspects of the format known as PICOT, which stands for patient, intervention that is being considered, comparison, outcome and time. Then, you must search for the most suitable evidence based on the inferred information. This can be done by utilising keywords or combining multiple search terms.
  • Thereafter, the nursing assignment help experts suggest critically appraising the given evidence. This is done after relating the the validity and reliability of the study with the client as given in the question. After this, you must gauge the strengths as well as the weaknesses of the evidence.
  • Theron, the NUR2300 experts suggest students to integrate the given evidence with your own clinical expertise. However, you may only proceed after analysing the applicability in various other aspects like biologic, socio-economic and other issues.
  • In the end, you would have to appraise the consequences of the EBP practice decision, which must cater to many questions like was this outcome expected, if not, then what are the factors which have led to this outcome etc. At last, you need to disseminate the outcome through conferences, posters and many other methods.

Various Levels of Evidences in NUR2300 Evidence Based Nursing Practice

According to the nursing assignment help experts, evidences can be obtained through various levels and our experts can guide you which are as follows:

Level A

Under Level A, evidences are obtained from various methods including randomised control trials, meta-analysis, clinical practice guidelines. We help students to comprehend the classic “gold standard” design. In addition to this, we also help students to understand the meta-analysis design and many other things related to this.

Level B

Under Level B, various evidences are obtained from different techniques like clinical cohort study, understanding well-designed control trials, and several case-controlled study methods. Our NUR2300 Evidence Based Nursing Practice experts help students to get an idea about observational approach and various apparatuses under the clinical cohort, uncontrolled, epidemiological, qualitative, quantitative study.

Level C

Under Level C, students need guidance on the evidences that are obtained from meta-synthesis of findings and from consensus viewpoint as well as expert opinion. Here, we provide guidance to students on the ways to obtain evidences from these apparatuses of clinical nursing.

These are the three levels from where evidences are obtained for evidence-based nursing practice. Our efficient team of NUR2300 assignment help experts are thorough with each of these aspects under various levels.

Why NUR2300 Evidence Based Nursing Practice Experts of My Essay Mate?

This was just a brief discussion about NUR2300 and the levels by which evidences are obtained. However, we at My Essay Mate are here for your guidance with every other topic related to this course. For more information about our NUR2300 Evidence Based Nursing Practice and other subjects, feel free to contact us anytime in the day!


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