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Get to Know More About NRSG370: Clinical Integration- Specialty Practice

Get to Know More About NRSG370: Clinical Integration- Specialty Practice
December 03, 2022

Get to Know More About NRSG370: Clinical Integration- Specialty Practice

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Are you passionate to be an efficient medical practitioner? Then, NRSG370 is all that you need to know about.

This is because pursuing this unit would not only give you an opportunity to display the theoretical as well as practical aspects of nursing which you have gained gradually, but also make use of them for a specific nursing field.

Moreover, you would also engage yourself in critically reflecting upon your skills to undertake suitable assessments and establishing a holistic perspective, being culturally aware of your patient.

But don’t worry, as you are not alone in this venture, for Online Assignment Expert is there to support you. Yes, our nursing assignment help experts have got your back. We are here to make you a little more aware of this unit with this blog.

NRSG370 Sample- Our Asset!

Basically, there are several assessment modes under Clinical Integration- Specialty Practice, which you would need to complete. We know how chaotic it might get for you handling all of them. So, you can focus on the practical aspects of the unit, while our nursing assignment help experts are there to guide you with the theoretical aspects. These are:

  • Online face-to-face lectures
  • Clinical practicum
  • NRSG370 Online learning modules

So, to let you know how our experts cater to the requirements of such NRSG370: Clinical Integration- Specialty Practice assessments, below is a sample which our experts have done for the reference purpose of students like you. So, have a look at it.

So, for the above assignment sample, our experts approached the assignment as follows:

First of all, they studied the case which was provided in the question file thoroughly. Then, they considered various aspects of the information such as the situation of the patient, and other details about the problem. Also, they collected and made notes, processed and presented everything which they gathered about the health-related problem.

Then, our nursing assignment help experts identified and focussed on 3 nursing problems which the patient was suffering from, based on the information they had collected.

Thereafter, our NRSG370 experts set some goals which they wanted to attain after delivering nursing care for the problem to the patient. Heron, they devised the nursing care that would best suit the patient.

After this, our experts evaluated the nursing care strategies which they had used for achieving desirable outcomes for the nursing care they had devised for the patient. In the end, our Clinical Integration experts reflected upon the outcomes that were a result of the nursing care plan delivered to them. Also, they suggested some improvements which could have established better recovery.

Topics Under NRSG370: Clinical Integration- Specialty Practice

Broadly, this unit can be further segmented into a number of topics which affect the nursing practice of a student. Our panel of nursing assignment help experts is there to guide you on various aspects under each of these following topics.

Specific Field Nursing

Under this topic, our team guides students on various specialised fields of nursing. We help students attain all the skills which are required for providing nursing care in different areas. In addition to this, our nursing assignment help experts also provide expert guidance on the current nursing care models.

Professional Nursing Standards

There is a wide range of topics in which students require our guidance on this topic. These include competencies, professional qualities and boundaries as well as the ethical issues which govern the nursing care delivered to the patient.


Our NRSG370: Clinical Integration- Specialty Practice experts also help students comprehend specific legislation which is associated with the care they are going to provide to the patient. We also help them understand the prevalent policy and care standards in their area of expertise. Moreover, students also turn to us for having a basic idea about the rights which patients have.

Nursing Care

Here in this topic, as discussed above in the NRSG370 Sample, we help you understand the culture, background of the patient and frame a comprehensive assessment out of it. With our high-quality samples, you would easily gain advanced and specialist clinical skills, knowledge about the specialist environment, various protocols of working with patients, their admission and discharging procedures.


We guide you on various ways of finding observations of the test that are used in your specialist area. Also, seeking our guidance would enable you to classify the disorders.

Nursing management

Our experts help you know various therapeutic interventions, various issues that are either chronic or acute, care co-ordination, clinical skills etc.


Under this topic, we help you understand classes of medication and the problem for which they are being used. With our guidance, students easily understand the pathophysiology and the ways how specialist nurses help in medication.


Our Clinical Integration- Specialty Practice experts also help in enhancing the communication skills of students. As a result, you are able to observe, interview, form a multidisciplinary team, communicate with the families of the patient and also maintain confidentiality.

After reading these topics, do you feel you are now in a position to attempt such assessments on your own? We hope we have been successful in imparting everything which our experts know about this unit. If you still feel that some stone is left unturned, then you can simply get in touch with our nursing assignment help experts via the chat live option.

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