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How Do you Make a Fishbone Diagram?

How Do you Make a Fishbone Diagram?
December 21, 2020

How Do you Make a Fishbone Diagram?

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Have you been wondering as to what is fishbone diagram? Or you already know but don’t know how to go about it? No worries, let’s kick away your queries. 

In problem-solving, experts use several tools and Fishbone Diagram is one of them. It is also known as a cause-and-effect diagram or Ishikawa diagram. This model is generally used to answer a set of questions which often arise in problem-solving questions, such as:

  • What are the different potential root causes of an issue? 
  • Which process category input represents the source of variability in the process output?

You may be aware that Fishbone Diagram was developed by Dr Kaoru Ishikawa in the year 1943 at the University of Tokyo. Therefore, it is frequently termed as "Ishikawa Diagram". In the below section, a complete Fishbone diagram is discussed with central "spine" and other significant branches that are redolent of a fish skeleton. 

Why use fishbone diagram?

Our assignment help experts say that Ishikawa diagram is mainly used in the process to enhance methods to recognise the contributing root that causes that are likely to be raising a problem. This diagram is also said as the first step in the screening process. After recognising potential root causes, additional testing will be quite useful to confirm the true root causes. This method can be used for any sort of problem and can be customised by the user that fit with the circumstances. 

By using the Ishikawa method, it can be easy to identify the root cause for an issue which delivers benefits to improve team:

  • Developing a Fishbone Diagram is easy to learn and straightforward.
  • The Fishbone Diagram is useful in incorporating metrics but it is primarily seen as a visual tool in terms of critical thinking.
  • This diagram educate the whole team by involving workforce problem resolution
  • By using Ishikawa method, you are required to explore root causes and record them which assist in organising the discussion and focus on the existing issues.
  • The Ishikawa methods are useful in promoting "System Thinking" with the usual of visual linkages.
  • This method assists in prioritising corrective actions and further analysis.

5 Steps to Make a Fishbone Diagram

As per the experts providing assignment help in Fishbone Diagram, using this methodology is more effective in a group or team setting. 

Step 1: In order to develop a Fishbone Diagram, you are free to use different materials. In a team setting, you can make use of a flip chart, butcher-block paper, or whiteboard. Also, you are required to use "Post-It" notes so that you can list all the possible causes along with the ability to re-arrange the notes when the diagram develops. Several software packages are available which can be quite helpful in making a Fishbone Diagram, including Engine Room for Excel, Microsoft Excel, and Engine Room software. 

Step 2: You may write down the problem that you are going to be solved as descriptively as possible; then you may draw the "backbone of the fish". Let's see this with an example.

fishbone diagram

Step 3: Now, you are required to know the ways to categorise the causes. It includes two basic methods, such as, by function, or by process sequence. By function is said as one of the most frequent methods used for categorization.

In manufacturing settings, the categories may be Method, Machine, Measurement, Environment, Materials, and People. In terms of service settings, Method and Machine are generally replaced by Procedures and Policies.

steps to make a fishbone diagram

In such cases, we make use of manufacturing functions as the initial point, less Measurement because of no variability experienced from measurements.

Step 4: Following the above steps is not enough in recognising particular root causes. Several contributors are involved in a problem, thus an effective Fishbone Diagram is required in possible causes that are listed in categories and sub-categories. These sub-categories are generated from any of these sources:

  • Suggesting by team members depending on the prior experiences
  • Data gathered from a different source such as a check sheet.

The Cause & Effect analytical method is a "5-Why" approach that states: "Finding true root cause needs answering questions 'Why?' minimum of 5 times". Let's understand this with an example – 

Step 5: The Fishbone Diagram usefulness mainly depends on the development level – moving previous symptoms of the true root cause, and enumerating the relationship between the Primary Root Cause and Effect. Our experts conduct analysis to extensive level by the use of Regression Analysis to quantify correlation and using Designed Experiments in order to enumerate causation. 

The above diagram states the 5 different primary roots cause contributors. The note Mathematical Correlation involved airing pressure that highlights a strong correlation is developed through data statistical analysis. 

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