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Identify and Discuss Environmental Conditions/Trends Assessment Answer

Identify and Discuss Environmental Conditions/Trends Assessment Answer
June 26, 2021

Identify and Discuss Environmental Conditions/Trends Assessment Answer

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Environmental Conditions refers to the environmental issues, excluding natural resources (e.g., flora and fauna), soil, surface water, groundwater, any current or potential safe drinking water, subsurface strata, or ambient air, referring to or emerging out of the use, handling, storage, treatment, processing, development, transportation, disposal, overflowing, leakage, pouring, pouring, emptying, discharging, etc. Students are required to do in-depth research to incorporate with case studies on Identify and Discuss Environmental Conditions/Trends. They can also seek Business Environment Assignment Help, where they will get to take advantage of learning from experienced experts.

What Are the Physical and Social Environmental Factors?

Unlike conventional environmental health approaches that rely only on hazardous pollutants in the air, water, and soil, this more modern approach considers the environment in a broader sense to include a variety of human-made physical and social aspects that are influenced by public policy (Frumkin, 2005). These fiscal, social, urban or rural, transportation, and other environmental policies were not previously considered to be important to health policy, but they are now gaining more interest as decision-makers consider their health consequences (Cole and Fielding, 2007).

As per our experts of Environmental Pollution Assignment Help Large communities that share shared living or working spaces are affected by environmental influences. As a result, they're prime candidates for explaining health disparities around regional regions, such as countries. Indeed, the persistent finding that certain health effects are spatially patterned has been a significant impetus for studies on environmental determinants of health.

Physical Environmental Factors

Harmful substances, such as air pollution or proximity to toxic sites (the focus of classic environmental epidemiology); access to various health-related resources (e.g., healthy or unhealthy foods, recreational resources, medical care); and community design and the "surrounding structures" are also important factors throughout the physical environment (e.g., land use mix, street connectivity, transportation systems).

Social Environmental Factors

Security, aggression, and social disturbance in general, as well as more particular factors related to the form, nature, and continuity of social relations, such as social involvement, social solidarity, social capital, and the mutual effectiveness of the neighbourhood (or work) environment, are all important factors in the social environment.

Both mental and physical wellbeing tend to be influenced by social involvement and inclusion in one's immediate social context (e.g., education, job, and neighbourhood) (DeSilva et al., 2005). The stability of social interactions, such as the composition and stability of families, as well as the presence of stable relationships, appears to be significant.

Environmental & Ecological Trends to Watch for in 2020

Annually, we take some time at Essel Environment to recognise significant environmental and ecological changes that we face in our global community. Some of these phenomena, such as rising temperatures, are perennial and well-known; others, on the other hand, are less well-known and are only known among scholars, intellectuals, or experts in the field. Now that the year 2020 is well underway, we've assembled a list of five big economic and safety developments that we think people should be aware of.

Renewable Energy Sources to Be Expanded

For the last few years, there has been a bitter fight between supporters of renewable energy resources like wind and solar and supporters of conventional energy sources like coal. Renewable energy options, on the other hand, have grown in prominence in recent years; in 2019, renewable energy sources exceeded coal as a source of electrical energy in the United States. This trend is projected to accelerate in 2020, as clean energy prices fall and become more accessible to organisations and industries.

Energy Consumption Reduction

As per our experts of Business Environment Assignment Help- Individuals are expected to consume less electricity in 2020, resulting in a reduction in energy consumption. When people grow more eco-friendly, they seek out a solution to decrease their energy consumption. This will necessitate major behavioural changes in order to save resources. Switching to alternative renewable energy sources such as wind, water, and solar would be another approach used to reduce energy usage.

Agriculture Regenerative

Regenerative agriculture is a farming approach that stresses soil health, land conservation, and ecosystems while growing and processing food. Regenerative agriculture involves using intentional methods to reduce the depletion of essential soil macronutrients, thus protecting the soil's life; crops cultivated in these habitats are referred to as "Regenerative Organic" products. If more farmers become invested in sustaining soil quality and fertility, this development is projected to accelerate in 2020.

Plastic Relationship

The majority of people are now aware of the risks of plastic, including the effect on marine contamination and the challenge of breaking down plastic. As a consequence of these risks, there has been an uptick in plastic recycling and the use of more compostable materials in recent years. In 2020, the move toward stronger recyclable plastic and the use of biodegradable goods was expected to continue, particularly as businesses make greater commitments to recycling their materials for recycling.

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Management of Human Waste

As a product of inadequate or non-existent sanitation services, over 2.4 billion people around the world participate in poor health and sanitary activities. As a result, these people are more susceptible to a variety of water-borne diseases, including diarrhea-related deaths of infants. However, as a result of increased understanding of these health threats, initiatives to provide appropriate sanitation services for these at-risk people have been introduced; these measures are projected to expand in 2020 as more creative strategies are created and implemented.

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