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Learn the Basics with Critical Report Writing Assignment Sample

Learn the Basics with Critical Report Writing Assignment Sample
December 03, 2022

Learn the Basics with Critical Report Writing Assignment Sample

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Before we actually go into finding the basics of a critical report or critical review, we must get a decent idea about the meaning of ‘critical’. So, we the experts at Online Assignment Expert are here to take you to the very scratch and help you understand the basics of critical review with a Critical Report Writing Assignment Sample.

Basically, students think being ‘critical’ means to criticise in a negative manner. However, that is the first myth. This is because developing a critical review language in oneself is a true skill. Being ‘critical’ actually means to be able to question the given opinions and then present your own evaluation on it.

Structure of a Critical Report Writing Assignment Sample

So, by now, you must have understood that inculcating the skills of thinking critically is not a cup of tea for everyone! So, below is a Critical Report Writing Assignment Sample which our experts have done for the reference purpose of students. Though, the scope of such critical reports is extensive and can be written for any subject, the basic format for writing it remains the same.

Basically, for writing a critical report, you just need to keep some important things in mind. There are certain sections which are common in critical reports of all subjects. To be able to efficiently write a critical report, let us make you understand how our assignment help experts approached the above Critical Report Writing Assignment Sample.


Usually, if you are asked to write a critical review for a journal article, then you are supposed to write the introduction in one paragraph. However, if you are to write a review for a longer book review, then you can extend the introduction to two or three paragraphs. Our critical review assignment help experts generally suggest students include some opening sentences which clearly portray details about the author(s) as well as the title. Then comes the aim of the text followed by the key argument. Then, you must end the introduction section with your evaluation.

For instance, in the above Critical Report Writing Assignment Sample, it is a hypothetical case. So, you need to comprehend the topic from various perspectives, read various related texts, theories, frameworks and then choose the desirable company.


In this section, our assignment help experts ask students to display a brief summary of the chief points along with some examples which satisfy the arguments. Thereon, we advise students to briefly explain the purpose and intention of the author or text. Also, while doing this Critical Report Writing Assignment Sample, our experts have made sure that the summary section makes up just about one-third of the total critical review.


According to our experts, this critique section must be inclusive of a balanced discussion as well as the evaluation of the most notable features of the given information. This may include the strengths and weaknesses. Also, make sure that there is a base to your discussion so that the readers can see the credibility in your critical report.

Conclusion and References

This paragraph is the shortest one in the entire write up. Under this section, you are expected to restate the overall opinion of the given information. Thereafter, you should depict some recommendations from your end. In case, some explanation of your judgement can be incorporated, then do that. This is because it will make your critique reasonable.

Our critical report writing help experts consider references to be one of the most vital sections in any critical report. This is because in case, you use some other sources in your review, then it is your sole responsibility to give due credits to the author. Also, using references would enhance the credibility of your report.

This was a short and crisp guide on writing critical reports. Though this vast topic cannot be explained in one go, we at Online Assignment Expert have tried to make you understand the very basics of this academic writing through a Critical Report Writing Assignment Sample.

For a more intricate discussion on critical reports or any other academic writings, feel free to contact us and we promise to not leave a single stone unturned for you.

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