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MAC007A: Strategic Management Accounting Assessment

MAC007A: Strategic Management Accounting Assessment
February 04, 2023

MAC007A: Strategic Management Accounting Assessment

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According to the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, strategic management accounting can be defined as a type of management accounting in which emphasis is placed on the information concerned with external factors of the entity and non-financial information. In Australia, various institutions are offering Strategic Management Accounting courses where students learn to develop strong economic forecasts and cost leadership strategies and Universal Business School Sydney is one of them. UBSS is an Independent MBA Business School where courses like MBA, Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, and Graduate Certificate in Business Administration. During these studies, you cover different subjects under the name of MCR002 (Organisational Behavior), MCR003 (Management Attributes & Skills), MCR005 (Clients and Markets), MCR001 (Economics), MAC005 (Audit and Assurance), MAC007 (Strategic Management Accounting), and more. 

The assignment MAC007A should be submitted as on before Week 11 of every year. In this assignment, you must prepare a 3500-word report answering 4 research questions accurately based on a case study. Dealing with the MAC007A assessment cannot be easy all the time, and thus, we are here to serve the best strategic management accounting help.

Strategic Management Case Study SampleStrategic Management Case Study Sample

Following are the questions you need to answer in your report:

Question 1:

Why do companies form or join intra-industry strategic supplier alliances?

Question Q2:

What are the various tools used by the companies to assess the sustainability practices of suppliers?

Question Q3:

Find the core organisational and industrial activities from the annual report of Coles for Financial Year 2018 in reference to sustainability practices. Additionally, identify the key steps that have been taken by the organisation to implement, control, and monitor sustainability practices.  

Question 4:

Research on Primark and come up with conclusive arguments on how Primark optimises its value chain.

Useful Tips for Preparing Your MAC007A Strategic Management Accounting Report

To submit a well-researched and systematic report against the subject code MAC007A: Strategic Management Accounting, you must develop the below-given skills. 

Adequate Understanding and Knowledge

Students must have better knowledge and understanding of both theoretical and technical knowledge of the discipline. You must know how to discriminate between information taken from different academic journals and personal opinions in a critical and systematic way.  

Skill to Evaluate Information

Being a writer, you must have the skills to identify the gaps in knowledge. Refer to the information collected from sources like journals, articles, textbooks, etc. and analyse and evaluate that information effectively which can be used to support the case study. 

Effective Communication

Effective communication is all about presenting your ideas and arguments clearly and should be well-supported by evidence. 

Accurate references and citation

In assignments, we refer to multiple sources such as online articles, academic journals, e-books, etc. to find relevant information. Therefore, in academics, it is mandatory to reference this information, data, or statistics to make them credible. Also, references are used to eliminate plagiarism. Hence, it is important to have complete knowledge about APA, Harvard, MLA, Chicago, etc. if not take help from the strategic management assignment expert

Additional Hints For Answering the Research Questions in MAC007A Strategic Management Accounting Assessment

Students finding issues in MAC007A Strategic Management Accounting questions can follow the methods and hints illustrated by management assignment services’ writers. The hints are as followed:

Start with the Introduction

An introduction is the first point of contact with your readers and most of the readers are likely to read the introduction rather than the whole paper. Thus, it is important to make an engaging and interesting introduction. Following things must include in your report:

  • Briefly explain the background of the topic.
  • Describe the plan that is going to be discussed.
  • State your rationale.
  • Include the importance of your research. 
  • Include hypothesis.


example of MAC007A Strategic Management Accounting Assessment

As we have discussed that being a student you are required to answer four different research questions. The first question is why do organisations join or form intra-industry strategic supplier alliance. To answer this question correctly, you must be aware of the reasons due to which companies form an intra-industry strategic supplier alliance. The reasons could be to collaborate in the form of resources, market-entry, and sharing risks and expenses. If you do not have knowledge of these reasons, you can take help from strategic management accounting assignment help experts. However, let’s have an example for this question:

strategic management accounting assignment question

Possible Steps to Write Research Question #2

In this world of business, Corporate Social Responsibility has an important place. It takes place for commercial benefits, environmental concerns, and to build a business reputation in society. Nowadays, different tools are being used by the organisations to measure the concerned practices of suppliers which can also be called CSR audition. The major areas of CSR in a supply chain maybe – 

  • Environmental practices
  • Organisational practices
  • Occupational practices concerned with Health and Safety
  • Ethical practices
  • Practices to develop a positive relationship with society

Moreover, you can explain the relevant CSR areas and CSR activities performed in these areas.

MAC007A Strategic Management Accounting Assessment Research Question #3

The first step is to download the Coles annual report for the financial year 2018 and find the organisation’s important activities and industry value chain concerned with sustainability practices. In addition, you will also have to consider the steps that can be taken by Coles in order to implement and control the supply chain sustainability practices. 

It seems quite easy to complete the above task but students who are new to MAC007A subject can lack in researching, organising, and implementing the information logically. Such students may feel free to get in touch with Strategic Management Accounting assignment services and complete the task effortlessly.

Answer to the Research Question #4

Question 4 of the MAC007A Strategic Management Accounting Assessment is all about the optimization of the value chain. In this question, you have to explain how Primark optimises its value chain. Discuss what are the strategic management tools used by the Primark to optimise their value chain.

MAC007A strategic management accounting assessment answer

Order the Complete MAC007A Strategic Management Accounting Report

The conclusion is as important as the introduction. The conclusion of an assignment includes the summary of the content and objective of the assignment without appearing too dry or too wooden. Here, you must restate the topic and thesis including a summary of all the essential points. 

We hope that all the information given above has resolved the issue you were looking for! In case, if we are unable to help you with your query, simply get in touch with our assignment help providers. We guarantee to help you with an appropriate and relevant solutions.

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