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Management Assignment Help - Trends to Follow in 2017

Management Assignment Help - Trends to Follow in 2017
February 05, 2023

Management Assignment Help - Trends to Follow in 2017

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Management is the coordination and organization of all the activities of an organization with an aim of achieving the desired goals. As a whole, it includes the activities of setting up the strategy of the enterprise and working in a synchronized way. Management is not only related to the business world but can also relate to the government and Nonprofit organizations. As an academic subject management acquires various rules and regulations, it tests students on the basis of practical as well as written knowledge. There are many students who often face difficulty in writing their academic assignments, therefore they can avail management assignment help from various assignment writing services.

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Students might even comprehend with the idea of attending classes and writing notes on and off, but homework and assignments are still a nightmare for them. As soon as the university life begins, students are burdened with assignments, here again, they discussed the idea of working on these assignments and search the internet to get some assignment help at affordable prices.

Categories of Management

management categories

Management is a professional degree that aims at sharpening the skills that are required to run a business successfully. The management branch is divided into three broad categories:

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Management brings various incentives to the business organizations and these are:

  • It enables an organization in achieving their desired goals.
  • It helps to smooth the progress of growth expansion.
  • It helps in assessing loopholes in the entire system and rectifying it at the same time.
  • It helps in increasing the efficiency by utilizing innovative business practices.
  • It helps in establishing the balance with the ever-changing micro-macro environment of the enterprise.
  • Helps in encouraging the employees of the organization.

Top Emerging Trends in Management Industry

Based on the responses given by reputed researchers, here are some trends that are emerging in the business world:

  • Globalization – The defrosting barriers among their nations and their increasing inter-connectedness, advanced by technology, has led to an increasing change in the order of the world that has had an impact on global business.
  • Development of Environmentalism – There are the major issues in management these days. These key issues include deforestation, global warming, toxic waste, depletion of the ozone layer, and land, air, water pollution. These environmental issues may not be a matter of interest to an enterprise, majorly in developing countries like Nepal.
  • Quality and Productivity – They are also the emerging issues in the business world nowadays. Earlier, various managers thought they could increase the productivity by decreasing the quality, however, these days managers have concluded that this theory was completely wrong. They have learned that quality and productivity are interrelated to each other.
  • Ethics and Responsibility – Ethics and Responsibility has become an increasing concern for managers. Ethics is a personal belief about what is right and wrong. The concept of responsibility is giving more stress to people these days.
  • Innovation and Change - The innovation of new knowledge to fulfill the expectations of the stakeholders is increasing with each passing day. At present, the change in management is a critical challenge to the competitors, customers, employees, suppliers, and lenders. It is the responsibility of managers to handle such change with a scientific and practical approach.
  • Employee Empowerment – Employees are the major part of the organization. When managers and employees inhabit the same values and desire the same goals, it becomes comparatively simple to achieve organizational objectives. To maintain the mutual relation between managers and employees, it is important to delegate the decision-making authority to the subordinate level of the employees, which itself is a difficult task.



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