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Managing innovation and resistance of Apple Watch essay

Managing innovation and resistance of Apple Watch essay
December 06, 2022

Managing innovation and resistance of Apple Watch essay

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Managing innovation is the integration of the innovation process and change management. The innovation management denotes to products, business process and organisational innovation etc.

Managing Innovation

Students enrolled in the field of management are must have adequate knowledge about how to manage innovation and resistance of Apple watch. Here the management assignment experts say that managing innovation involves the set of tools that permits the managers and employees to work with the common understanding of procedure and objectives.

Moreover, managing innovation in the organization helps to capture an opportunity to introduce new ideas and process. Creativity is the base of the innovation and its objective is to change the product or business process. However, innovation and imitation are the outcomes of innovative ideas. If you are still concerned with the term managing innovation or want to learn in-depth about the above topic get help from management assignment help.

Learn the ways to manage innovation resistance of Apple Watch By Management Assignment Experts

Here, you are going to learn how Apple was able to manage the innovation resistance for the launch of Apple Watch. The below information has been collected by one of our management assignment expert.

When Apple decided to use a brand extension strategy then it shifts its focus towards the wearable devices or technologies. In April 2015, Apple launched the Apple Watch which tries to enter in a different industry. Apple Watch has presented an important innovative feature that enhances its functionality. The company has done the biggest change in the Apple Watch. The users of the Apple Watch does not require to hitched to their iPhone rather they can stay connected with the phone and able to make and receive the calls, send and receive the texts etc. without having their phone nearby.

Apple Watch Features Described By Our Management Assignment Experts

The new Apple watches are the combination of the faster dual-core processors and atmospheric altimeter. The brand also provides the new style and bands which support the owner in displaying the various types of band options such as in different shape and colour. Apple watch is the newest generation of watches. If you find any difficulties in dealing with the assignment related to management topics feel free to avail management assignment services.

Moreover, this watch tells the time across the world as well as track the health and fitness of the user. It offers access to iTunes music and connects with the various applications. The new edition of the digital watch also offers innovative services such as sending the email without the need of iPhone or texting messages etc. The Apple watch series has launched the connecting technology that does not require the iPhone and offer the freedom to its users. As per our management assignment experts, the user of the iPhone will also enjoy the benefits of Apple watch. The new watch OS 4 monitor the heart rate of the users. The innovation related to the watched appeared to be the dignified true game changer.

In addition to this, it has been observed that in terms of sales or market share the Apple watch has created a huge impact but it was successful enough. The smartwatches launched by Apple are a new product in the market which will take time to capture the market. The important value proposition of Apple Watch is a convenience for its customers. With the subsequent upgrades in the watch, it will definitely enhance its utility. The Apple watch is such an innovative and handy product that provides important information. Need any kind of assistance just get in touch to our management assignment service where you will find the best and reliable solutions for all your assignment concerns related to Apple Watch Assignment.

What Are The Apple Watch Challenges?

The innovation of this digital watch has also created the challenges that are related to the security purpose such the student get the attraction to cheat in the exam while wearing the smart watch. However, the Apple watch may include the natural language user interface that will make easy to interact with the watch.

Therefore, the IOS has promised to extend its functionality like Siri and Apple application. But this feature also leads to certain limitations such as using this kind of app in a noisy environment is difficult. Another point of the watch that needs to be enhanced is its design. The arrangement of the screen should be according to the user preferences as it helps to deal with the small type of factor of the watch screen. These watches are more vital for activities of daily life.

To know more about the managing innovation, features or challenges of Apple Watch you can contact our assignment help experts. In case, if you have received an assignment to write on Apple Watch or any other products, order your assignment now with us.

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