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MGT2HRM Policy Design Assignment Answer

MGT2HRM Policy Design Assignment Answer
August 18, 2020

MGT2HRM Policy Design Assignment Answer

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Human Resource Management or HRM is one of the familiar courses in the field of management. HRM can be termed as a strategic method to effectively manage people within an organisation or a company. HRM is comprised of several tasks and activities such as talent management, labour relations, HR planning, recruitment, selection, training, development and HR policy. The MGT2HRM assessment asks students to write MGT2HRM Policy Design assignment answer who are studying in Australia. Before moving forward, it is important for scholars to know what HR Policy is and why it is important.

As per the management assignment help experts, HR policies and procedures holds an important place in every organisation. It is generally prepared to provide a suitable structure, consistency, control, reasonableness, and fairness. Also, it ensures compliance in terms of informing employees about their roles and responsibilities, employment legislation, and the company’s expectation. Similarly, writing MGT2HRM Policy Design assignment answer needs knowledge about the related issues (operational and strategic). Apart from this, scholars may know the policy design and necessary steps to be considered while writing MGT2HRM Assessment Answer.

Understand the term “Policy Design” in HRM by Our Management Assignment Help Experts

Human resource policies are very much helpful in continuing guidelines for the methods on which the organisation anticipates to espouse in people management. A well-prepared HR policy gives generalised guidance for the adopted approach within the organisation, and thus the employees, concerning different employment aspects such as recruitment, compensation, promotion, selection, training, and more.

Introduction to MGT2HRM Assessment

mgt2hrm assignment sample

This assessment asks students to develop an HRM policy for any of the above-given topic, i.e. recruitment & selection or performance management. As per the management assignment help experts, the most suitable structure for this assessment will be –

Part 1 – Policy Development 

Part 2 – Policy Analysis

For part 1, the below-given structure could be as follows: 

  • Overview 
  • Scope 
  • Legislation 
  • Policy Statement 
  • Accountabilities 
  • Process 
  • Evaluation Measures 
  • References
  • Appendices (if needed)

Students must follow the below-given sections in policy development. Let’s understand these steps in detail. 

Overview: In this section, students are only required to briefly describe the rationale and intent of the policy. 

Scope: Here, students must identify the parties of the organisation or specific situations in which the policy applies. 

Policy Statement: This section must be a succinct and formal statement for policy principal objectives. Describe the framework for management principles and philosophies that can be unified in the concerned procedures. 

Legislation: Under this section, students ought to discuss legal obligations and laws that can consequent the policy in an indirect or direct way, e.g. OHS, EEO, privacy, Discriminatory laws, etc. 

Process: Reflect the entire activities or processes that have been involved in the policy and carried out by the concerned parties to accomplish the policy objectives effectively. To write MGT2HRM Assessment Answer, students must present the required processes in a single page diagram or flowchart or diagram instead of words. 

Accountabilities: The hierarchical authorities and roles enmeshed in the development, implementation, approval, and rendezvous of customers of the policy. Like we say - 

  • Development and drafting 
  • Approval - CEO and board members,  
  • Implementation – Concerned line managers,  
  • End-users – Concerned employees 

Evaluation Measures: Consider the possible means to review, analyse, and control policy effectiveness. 

References:  It is an important section in writing MGT2HRM Policy Design Assignment Answer. Students must include at least ten academic and peer-reviewed journal articles references to support arguments and ideas.  

Appendices: Feel free to include appendices if required. 

Part 2 – Policy Analysis

In this part of the assessment, students must focus on the external and internal issues, high priority problems, and policy issues. These sections are described below by our experts assisting scholars in writing MGT2HRM Assignment Answer. 

Internal & External issues analysis

Internal issues can be referred to: 

  • Organisational objectives, HR needs, business strategic choice, and HR strategies,  
  • Culture and management values followed by an organisation to manage employees,  
  • Ethical employee treatment 
  • Ethical decision-making, and 
  • Methods to CSR 

External issues are termed as the contextual factors that impact policy. For instance; 

  • A law such as anti-discrimination, industrial relations, occupational safety, privacy, and health)
  • Government policy (education and training, employment, industrial relations, immigration & citizenship)  
  • Economic conditions 
  • Societal issues and values 

High priority issues

In respect of all the above-illustrated external and internal issues, students are now required to identify at least one issue that will be spoken in the policy. 

Policy problem 

In case, if students have planned or willing to rewrite and review the existing HR policy, then they should point out the problems concerned with existing policy and the reasons behind these changes. 

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