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NUR2300 Evidence-based Nursing Practice Assignment Answer

NUR2300 Evidence-based Nursing Practice Assignment Answer
December 06, 2022

NUR2300 Evidence-based Nursing Practice Assignment Answer

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Nursing has become one of the most popular fields of study in Australia. It is estimated that more than a hundred thousand nurses will be needed by 2025. This could be a reason why many students are getting enrolled to study nursing courses from Australia's best universities. However, in this blog, we are going to talk about NUR2300 Evidence-based nursing practice assignment which is mainly covered by the students pursuing nursing courses from the University of Southern Queensland. In this course unit, students learn about the research process within the naturalistic and empirical paradigm of research in order to provide a better understanding of the research methods used in health care and nursing. In addition to this, nursing students get knowledge about the required skills in conducting electronic database searches, how to read the literature critically, and evidence-based nursing practice.

NUR2300 Evidence-Based Nursing Practice: Background

Being a student, in this assignment, you have to cover three sections. You will provide three different clinical scenarios and based on those you are required to do following – 

  • Evaluate a systematic evidence review critically
  • Attempt a few questions related to evidence-based practice
  • Discuss barriers to introducing an evidence-based practice change into the work setting, implementation strategies and evaluating outcomes

The total length of the NUR2300 Nursing assignment is 1500 words and you will be assessed according to the marking rubric attached with your question file.

NUR2300 Supplementary Assignment Task

In this task, you will be given three clinical scenarios and you are required to choose any of them. They are –

NUR2300 Evidence-based Nursing Practice Assessment Answer

Based on the above-given clinical scenarios, you are required to answer the following questions:

nur2300 evidence based nursing practice assessment question

Approach: You should know that the nursing clinical questions are mostly developed as per the PICO format. But before that, you should understand "what is PICO." It is a mnemonic process that is used in nursing evidence-based practice to construct and answer the questions related to health care or clinical. Nowadays, PICO is also being used to frame strategies for literature search. There are few elements included in PICO are Population/Problem/Patient, Intervention/Indicator, compare and outcome (Amole et al., 2016).

nur2300 evidence based nursing practice assignment question

Approach: This question asks you to answer the different sources from where clinicians can find information to answer clinical-based questions. According to nursing assignment help experts, it is suggested that you can include sources like peer-reviewed articles; journals; Government issues policies and standards; textbooks; etc. Moreover, few databases and information tools such as Medline, CINAHIL, NCBI, and PubMed.

nur2300 evidence based nursing practice assignment

Approach: Here you must explain the different search strategies to find original research for CINAHL. The key terms to be used are hypnosis, pain management, labor pain, patients, and pharmacological interventions. Talking about the inclusion criteria should follow research journals and articles published after the year 2015 whereas exclusion criteria should follow the research articles that had been published before 2015.

nur2300 evidence based nursing assignment question

Approach: Being a student, you are required to explain the evidence-based interventions to answer this question. This intervention includes the research providing information about both pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions based on the requirement.

nur2300 evidence based nursing practice assignment sample

Approach: It is recommended to use the Cochrane review study because the clinical research question is based on pain management intervention and therapy. Can't understand what is a Cochrane review based study? It is a type of primary research systematic review conducted in health policy and human healthcare.

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