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Southwest Airlines SWOT Analysis by Online Assignment Expert

Southwest Airlines SWOT Analysis by Online Assignment Expert
December 10, 2020

Southwest Airlines SWOT Analysis by Online Assignment Expert

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SWOT analysis is considered one of the most used strategic planning and analysis tools. Our experts who provide Southwest Airlines SWOT analysis help have explained the factors like Strength (S), Weaknesses (S), Opportunities (S), and Threat (S) being faced by Southeast Airlines in its business environment. 

Southeast Airline is one of the starring organizations in its field. This organization manages its prominent position in the market by examining, analysing, evaluating, and reviewing the SWOT analysis critically. SWOT analysis is an immensely synergistic process and needs effective coordination within different departments of the organization such as finance, marketing, operations, strategic planning, and management information systems. 

The SWOT analysis technique helps an organization to identify the internal strategic factors like strength & weaknesses and external factors like threats and opportunities. The SWOT Analysis Matrix assists Southwest Airlines managers in developing four strategies types:

  • SO (strengths-opportunities) Strategies
  • WO (weaknesses-opportunities) Strategies
  • ST (strengths-threats) Strategies
  • WT (weaknesses-threats) Strategies

southwest airlines swot analysis

Southwest Airlines SWOT Analysis: Step by Step

According to our assignment help experts, the SWOT analysis showcase the ways in which business and its limitations and advantages affect Southeast Airline Company's growth strategies and generic strategy. More details are discussed below. 

Southeast Airline - Strengths

Southwest Airlines' strengths are generally the internal factors which help in business competitive advantages and high operational productivity. When we conduct a SWOT analysis, strengths mainly focus on competing competitors and take a growth advantage from the industry. Some of Southwest Airline's strengths are as listed:

  • LUV culture
  • Lower cost
  • Best employer
  • World's most admired airline
  • Consistent profit
  • Brand value
  • Single aircraft type
  • High capacity
  • Effective management

In addition to these, Southeast Airline operates more than 4000 flights a day. With so many flights during the peak travel season, the airline generates more revenue. 

valuable airlines in the world

Southeast Airline - Weaknesses

Weakness is the areas where Southwest Airlines can improve upon. The strategy is about making choices and weaknesses are the areas where an organization can improve using SWOT analysis and build on its competitive advantage and strategic positioning. If we talk about the weaknesses, the following to be noticed:

  • Lack of diversification
  • Dependent on the US market
  • Overdependence of Boeing 737 MAX

The overdependence of Boeing 737 MAX resulted in revenue loss when there are limited planes. This also leads to issue like depending on a single aircraft. 


Southeast Airline - Opportunities

Southwest's industry environment provides business growth opportunities. While conducting southwest airlines SWOT analysis, there are few external factors that can be quite helpful in improving the airline co. However, the most discussed opportunities are as mentioned below:

  • Growth by expanding the aviation market at a global scale
  • Developing new partnerships with relevant firms
  • Growth through service diversification 
  • Improving booking performance
  • Increasing freight businesses
  • Exploit new technologies
  • Offering long-distance flights

Southwest mainly sees the United States as its main market. The Southeast Company has the chance to expand its markets. This external factor is referred to as significant growth in revenue because the organization brings new flight routes to cover more countries. The external factor also relates to the Southwest Airlines Company's 4Ps of the marketing mix. Moreover, the organization also comes with the opportunity to grow by expanding its business, like introducing new businesses or new services that can create a synergy with the current airline operations. To conduct an in-depth southwest airlines SWOT analysis, you may need an expert's help to get help. 

Southeast Airline - Threats

The threat is an external factor that hinders or reduces business development. While conducting southwest airlines swot analysis, threats are to expand the business at the international level. Following are the highlights of Southeast Airline threats: 

  • Global recession
  • Boeing 737 Max Issues
  • Negative publicity
  • Intense competition
  • Increase in fuel price
  • Incident of terrorism
  • Stringent regulations
  • Uncertain threats
  • The limited population of pilots

southeast airline swot analysis

Image source - Sky Refund

In addition to all these, competition is one of the biggest and strong threats for Southwest Airlines organization. For instance, Airline companies like American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines are a few aggressive competitors. With the help of SWOT analysis, like external strategic factor hinders business growth in markets where such competitors are available.

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