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Types of Skin Cancer a Nursing Student Should Know

Types of Skin Cancer a Nursing Student Should Know
February 05, 2023

Types of Skin Cancer a Nursing Student Should Know

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Students studying the courses related to nursing must know about different topics such as health diversity, critical care nursing, nurse education, and nursing practices. Skin cancer is one of them. You already know that there are different types of skin cancer and each of them is serious and should be promptly treated. The treatment of skin cancer can vary as per the types of cells affected. In this blog, we discuss in brief about the four most common types of skin cancer.

If you’re a nursing student reading this blog, then we hope that the information will be useful for you. We assume that you might be asked to write assignments related to skin cancer and such tasks can be challenging if you don’t have the right information with you. But don’t worry, as we’re there to support you with our online nursing assignment help.

Basal Cell Carcinoma

As per the American Cancer Society, out of three million cases of skin cancer diagnosed, more than 80% are basal cell carcinoma. The main reason for basal cell carcinoma cancer occurred in the basal cell layer of the skin which is found at the lower part of the epidermis. Basal cell cancer grows slowly and it rarely spreads over the lymph nodes but early treatment is important.

The assignments related to basal cell carcinoma cancer can include questions such as:

  • What are the steps to diagnose basal cell carcinoma cancer?
  • What test is performed to diagnosing skin cancer?

So, be proficient with your concepts and in case if you need any sort of help for your assignments, feel free to contact the nursing assignment help experts.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

The second most common type of skin cancer found among a lot of people is Squamous cell carcinoma. It accounts for around 20% of non-melanoma skin cancers. The symptom of this cancer is that it develops on a flat squamous cell and then spreads over the epidermis which is the outermost layer of the skin.

The assignments for the above-given type of cancer can include questions like:

  • Identify the symptoms of squamous cell carcinoma cancer
  • Describe some of the best ways to diagnose squamous cell carcinoma cancer
  • What are the effective treatments for squamous cell carcinoma cancer?

Melanoma Skin Cancer

It is cancer that forms in the skin cells or melanocytes that develop a brown pigment which is called melanin. In this type of skin cancer, the skin gets darker due to exposure to the sun. It is because of a protective response toward the harmful effects of UV rays.

You can ask for guidance to know more about the risk factors, types, symptoms, stages, diagnostics evaluations, and effective ways for the treatment of melanoma skin cancer.

Merkel cell carcinoma

Merkel cell carcinoma skin cancer is rarely found among humans but it is generally considered as one of the most aggressive forms of skin cancer. It begins in Merkel cells and gradually develops along with the nerves in the body. The more the skin is exposed to the harmful UV rays, the greater are the chances that the Merkel cell cancer will develop.

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