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Useful Tips to Write A Reflective Essay Easily

Useful Tips to Write A Reflective Essay Easily
November 29, 2022

Useful Tips to Write A Reflective Essay Easily

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A reflective essay is a type of essay where writers explain their experiences, situation, incident, and its effect based on their experiences. The format of a reflective essay can be slightly changed depending on the guidelines and the audience. Being a student, you have to prepare an impressive reflective essay to score good grades in academics. 

In this blog, our essay writing experts assist students in what to include in a reflective essay where they focus on its structure along with helpful suggestions below. 

Reflective Essay – Structure

Reflective writing is very much different from descriptive activity. You can start your essay by explaining how you feel, what happened, but a proper reflection talks about why an incident/ scenario takes place, what you have done in that situation, your feelings, how others feel about the situation, and recommendation that can be done in the future. If we talk about the reflective essay structure, it can vary on the model you select. For example: 

Gibbs Reflective Cycle

In this model, you must discuss the below-given parts:

  • Description – Here, you must explain the situation including what happened, where and when the incident did take place, why you were there, etc. 
  • Feelings – Explore your thoughts or feelings that you have experienced at the time of the incident and the ways in which it affects. 
  • Evaluate – Analyse the situation or incident and describe both positive as well as negative aspects.
  • Analyse – This section lets you describe what happened. The best way to analyse the situation is by answering why things went perfect, why not things went well, etc. 
  • Conclude – In this part, you need to conclude what happened. You need to summarise your understanding and showcase the changes made to the action and how it can be improved in the future. 
  • Action Plan – While making an action plan, being a writer you are required to focus on the required skills to be developed and propose actions that can be performed differently in the future. 

In the case of the 4Rs Model of Reflective thinking, your reflective essay will look like –

  1. Reporting and responding – Report the issue and things involved with it and respond appropriately.
  2. Relating – Here, you are generally required to create a connection between the issues and professional experience, skills, and knowledge.
  3. Reasoning – Showcase the detailed important factors concerned with the issue. Also, explain different perspectives.
  4. Reconstructing – You are required to reconstruct the future understanding and actions.

4Rs Model of Reflective thinking

So, these were a few examples of how your reflective essay will look like. In case, if you are unable to write a reflective essay, you can ask for a reflective essay sample. A lot of students are benefited with the help of samples written by subject matter experts.

Tips for Writing a Flawless Reflective Essay

Take Help From Notes

It is recommended by the essay writing experts to keep a journal and interesting things that have taken place in your life. If you are not good at writing, just keep on practicing. Preparing a note will help you in finding valuable examples for your reflective essay

When choosing a topic, remember ….

Most of the time, your professor provides a list of topic and ask you to pick any one of them but sometimes you are free to choose your topic on your own. Many students get confused or find themselves stuck while selecting a reflective essay topic. However, here is a list of the topics for your ease:

choosing reflective essay topic

Follow related literature

After selecting a relevant topic, the most important task is to choose the appropriate articles, books, and journals. You must find as many resources as you can which are credible in nature.

Conduct deep research

You must understand that writing a reflective essay is about defining day-to-day experiences. Apart from mere descriptions, you must make proper use of critical thinking theories. Such models help you in developing an in-depth analysis of that particular situation.

Brainstorm to write your experience

As a student, it becomes crucial to brainstorm about the experiences of critical assessment and then start writing. Meanwhile, you are required to include alternative perspectives and showcase what and how you can learn from the experience.

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