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Writing in the academic world has always been an evolving process that shifts thoughts and ideas. The development of academic writing styles has always been an elite form of representation. When writing academic papers, Turner (2011) develops the concept of ‘writtenness', which draws attention to cultural and socially constructed values, and limits the ability of students whose native language is not English. Further, he illustrates how 'proofreading' academic papers maintain the complexity of academic writing and emblematically represents the privilege of knowledge at an equal level. Thus, proofreading assignments becomes an integral part of writing effective academic papers and mandates the reader to be engaged in all senses.

For many students across the globe, their differential social and cultural backgrounds, time constraints, and even difficulties in dedicating proofreading hours become barriers to their academic dreams. Stringent university guidelines and the burden of deadlines add severe pressure on their academic performance. Moreover, students who complete their papers but cannot cope with academic formatting and language standards become vulnerable to lesser grades for their dedicated efforts. In the wake of such problems, we have introduced a Proofreading service. Spanning across most Canadian universities for thousands of students enrolled in various courses, we offer proofreading services for your academic dreams to come true.

Avail our High-Quality Proofreading Services

Proofreading is an essential element in any successful academic assignment. Munoz-Luna (2015) has carried out extensive analysis in her academic writing research work. Her analysis revealed that undergraduate students who produce complex and coherent texts employ a wider range of writing strategies. This way, the strategies help them consciously transcribe successful writing texts (un). As a psyche of high-scoring students, proofreading and proficient use of complex academic markers for textual cohesion act as a writing strategy. Further, she illustrates the main strategies for writing academic papers: drafting, outlining, and proofreading. For students unfamiliar with these writing strategies, we provide round-the-clock proofreading services.

Useful Tips for Proofreading a Dissertation Paper

Steps Involved in Proofreading Explained by our Proofreading Services Experts

1. Revising the drafted assignment

In this section of drafting your university assignments, students are required to review, modify, and reorganize their work to make it the best it can be. The following considering should be kept in mind:

  • the essay or assignment must present a firm position on the issue, supported by relevant facts, statistics, quotes, and examples
  • the assignment must open with an effective “hook” that intrigues readers and keeps them reading
  • each paragraph must offer compelling evidence focused on a single supporting point
  • the opposing point of view must be fairly presented and convincingly refuted.
  • The concluding paragraph must convey the value of the writer’s position and urge the reader to think and act accordingly.

2. Editing the assignment accordingly

This section deals with proofreading and editing the essay per the requirements. In terms of grammatical mechanics, editing is critical to improving the style and clarity of your research paper. You can even hire an My Essay Mate's assignment help service for the best experience of getting your assignments to proofread.

Proofreading services has a team of experts who have completed their PhDs. Their graduate university-level expertise is unmatched, as they have acquired the required academic proficiency in their scholarly works. Harwood et al. (2009) define the process of proofreading in their research work as 'necessary third-party interventions'. The writer's and the proofreader's knowledge base marks the ethical appropriateness of proofreading. It subsequently justifies the position of a proofreader as it opens up the reader's perception. Therefore, proofreading plays a major role in better grades for your assignments to familiarize the writer with their work and achieve external views. Some benefits that you may avail yourself through our proofreading services are:

  • We realize that for many students, English is not their first language. This is why we have a vast repository of linguistic experts willing to make you reach the normalized English standards in Australian universities.
  • As proofreading is a last-minute job, we realize the importance of on-time delivery. This is why we deliver proofread academic papers within 24 hours.
  • We follow prescribed university guidelines that are different from one another and are aware of updated guidelines. This is why our edited proofreads are always updated.
  • We have a rich knowledge database from our Phd experts, who are always on the lookout for new ideas and information in the academic world.
  • Our team has a collective pool of international experts to promote inclusiveness.

The proofreading service caters to several universities across Australia. We are aware and updated when applying specific university guidelines in academic writing styles. To improve our proofreading services, we ensure that your academic texts are presentable and wholesome for the best grades possible.

Get our Proofreading Service to Improve Academic Performance

Hiring an expert for proofreading is not difficult, but it is equally important not to get ripped off with your budget and time. An efficient and budget-friendly service makes your proofreading task easier and secures your future assignments in the long run. Before availing of our service, you identify key areas of what you require in your assignments, highlight the main points and even completely change them if you are unsatisfied. My Essay Mate offers elite proofreading services as we follow a client-centric approach to enhancing students' lives.

Don’t you think using affordable proofreading services that provide quality work is more appropriate for you? We have been helping students with several academic-related queries and have nobody to turn to. To them, we have been delivering dedicated services to students who want to perfect their assignments. You can review the benefits you will avail by correlating with our experts.

  • Our experts are present round the clock to address all your issues.
  • We fix our prices according to your budget and offer several discounts.
  • We delegate a specialized expert concerning the query you have posted
  • Our discounts are always fluctuating, and exciting offers are a regular thing; thus, you can avail of the best offer
  • Our primary concern is addressed according to your deadlines.
  • We provide quality guided sessions and industry-level academic writing guidance for your future.

In conclusion, you are now aware of the several advantages that we have to offer. All you need to do is fill up the form and make the best possible proofreading service available at your door.

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