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Dissertation Consulting

A dissertation is a substantial piece of writing based on your unique research. It is typically turned in as the last step to completing a PhD programme. Your dissertation is the toughest and lengthiest writing project you've ever finished. Sometimes, a dissertation may be intimidating to start because it necessitates strong research, writing, and analysing skills.

Your department may have rules about the format of your dissertation. If unsure, speak with your supervisor or use our dissertation consulting service.

How to write and structure a dissertation?

The structure of a dissertation will vary depending on several factors like topic, discipline, and methodology. Humanities dissertations sometimes follow the format of a protracted essay, with each chapter focusing on a distinct issue or case study while constructing a larger thesis.

On the other hand, hard scientific and social science dissertations frequently have a review of prior works, an analysis of your original study, a methodology section, and a result presentation presented in several chapters. We will discuss the formatting and structuring of a dissertation but before that, let's have a quick look at a sample.

Dissertation examples

We've compiled a list of dissertation examples to help you get started.

Dissertation Consulting  Assignment Task

Dissertation Consulting  Integrated Case Study

Dissertation Consulting  How to Decide

To cope with the above assignment, you must be aware of the dissertation assignment structure apart from the subject knowledge.

Structure to Follow For A Dissertation

Dissertation writing help experts define the ideal structure to be followed when writing a dissertation for an Australian university.

Title page

Your thesis title, name, institution, organisation, degree programme, and due dates are all on the first line of your work. Your undergraduate ID number, your mentor's name, and the school's emblem may also be included.

Acknowledgements or preface

The acknowledgements section, which is typically optional, provides space for you to express gratitude to everyone who supported your dissertation's creation. This may include your mentors, study subjects, and close friends or family who helped you. In some circumstances, a prelude will include your acknowledgements.


The abstract, which normally ranges in length from 150 to 300 words, is a succinct description of your dissertation. Even if it may appear brief, this is one of your dissertation's most crucial sections because it serves as an introduction to your work for the reader.

Table of contents

All of your sections are listed in the table of contents, as well as the associated page numbers and subheadings. It will help the reader traverse your document and provide a structure.

Don't forget to list all of the dissertation's major sections, including the table of content and appendices. If you use headings, creating a table automatically is simple. Generally speaking, you don't provide every subheading in your finished work; only level 2 and level 3 heads are included.

List of figures and tables

Even though it's not typically required, if you've used a lot of tabular charts and graphs in your dissertation, it's helpful to add a list of them to help your reader. With Word's Insert Caption tool, it's simple to create one of these.

List of abbreviations

Similar to this, if you frequently employ acronyms (especially those that are industry-specific), you can have them with a sorted alphabetically list of acronyms so that the reader can quickly search up their definitions.


If you find yourself employing many highly technical phrases that you're concerned your audience won't be familiar with, think about incorporating a glossary including a list of abbreviations. List the terms alphabetically and provide a brief explanation or definition.


The introduction aims to establish the subject, goal, and applicability of your dissertation. It outlines what the audience can expect from the remainder of your dissertation. The opening statement should:

  • Set out your research question and provide the background details required to contextualise your work.
  • Concentrate your attention and establish the parameters of your study.
  • Describe the current state of the field's research while demonstrating the connection between your work and a larger issue or controversy.
  • Indicate your research's goals and questions in detail.
  • Describe how the rest of the job will flow.

Everything in the opening paragraph should be understandable, interesting, and pertinent. The reader should clearly understand the why, what, and how the research goes.

Literature review

The literature review you conduct is a key component of your study. This assists you in developing a broad awareness of the body of prior academic research on your subject. Reviews of the literature cover:

  • Locating pertinent sources
  • Evaluating the validity of your sources
  • Evaluating and judging each source critically
  • Make links between them to support your main points 

A literature review is more than just a list of previously published sources. The rationale and style of your literature evaluation should establish the explanation for your study. It might seek to:

  • Addressing the gap in the literature
  • Develop a fresh methodological and theoretical approach
  • Suggest a solution for your question along with a theoretical debate

Theoretical framework

Your theoretical framework may frequently be developed based on your literature review. The dissertation consulting experts say that key concepts, theories, and models are defined and examined here.


The methodology section explains how the study has been carried out so that readers may evaluate the reliability of your findings. This section must accurately summarise what you conducted, persuade the reader, and convince the reader of the most effective strategy for addressing the research topic. Typically, a methodology section should include:

  • The quantitative and qualitative research approach
  • Data collection methods
  • List of research resources
  • Materials and tools you have used
  • The data analysis methods
  • Justification and evaluation of methods


The identified methods should be highlighted in this section. This part can be organised around sub-questions, themes, or hypotheses, but refrain from adding any speculative and subjective interpretations. Let's see what our dissertation writing help professionals say about the results.

  • Briefly summarise each pertinent finding and provide pertinent descriptive data such as mean and standard deviation and inferential analysis. 
  • Indicate briefly if the hypothesis you have used in your dissertation is supported with logical evidence.
  • Report all findings, even those that fell short of your expectations.

The appendix can contain more data (such as unprocessed data, complete surveys, and transcripts of interviews or questionnaires. Tables and figures are acceptable, but only if they facilitate the reader's comprehension of your findings.


You have the chance to examine the significance and consequences of your findings in connection to your research topic in your discussion part. Interpret your findings in detail here, addressing whether they lived up to your hopes and how well they matched the structure you created in prior chapters. To demonstrate how your results fit within the body of previous research on your subject, refer back to a pertinent source.

It may include:

  • What do your findings indicate?
  • Why are your results significant?
  • What restrictions do the findings have?

Explain any unintended results and any potential causes, if any were found. It's a good idea to consider other possible meanings for your data.


The conclusion should briefly address the primary research topic, leave the reader with a clear comprehension of the key points, and emphasise the value of the research. It may also be the last section of a dissertation. Here, you conclude it with a final analysis of your findings, suggestions for more research, and closing remarks.

It's crucial to convey to the reader the significance of research in a concise manner. What new information do you bring to the table? Why is your research important to your field's future?

Reference list

To prevent plagiarism, it is essential to provide a list of references or sources that contain other writers' information. Ensure to stick with one citation style that has been asked in the assignment file. MLA, Chicago, and APA are common reference styles used in Australia.

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