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What do you Understand by Program Management?

Simply said, program management is the act of leading a team and managing everything in order to accomplish goals or success within a set time frame. Program management is divided into five stages, each of which is briefly described below:

  • The first step is initiation, which entails brainstorming program ideas and then assessing them based on their practicality. A program could be viable, but you don't know how effective it will be, while another program might be highly effective, but it won't be feasible due to specific constraints. The phase of initiation is when you choose a program and gather the necessary information.
  • This is the second stage, in which all resources are considered and program completion targets are established.
  • The third step is execution, which is when everything gets started and things fall into place.
  • The fourth phase is monitoring, which entails double-checking all activities and verifying that everything is running well. If things aren't going as anticipated, the program manager should work to get things back on track.
  • The last step is program closure, which occurs after it has been finished. If more labour is used throughout the program, they are laid off, and the team holds a meeting to review the incident and how they may improve next time.

Difference Between Project Management and Program Management

In short, program management is the coordination of several initiatives that are connected. When you have several projects that are interconnected, you may put them together and manage them as a "program." Now the question arises that what is program management and what are its role? The answer is –

What if you have a number of projects that are all connected in some way? For example, what if you had a project to build a website and another to conduct a marketing campaign for it? In such circumstances, you create a program out of the projects. Bringing initiatives that are closely linked together typically yields benefits that would otherwise go unnoticed. The design and development of a website, in the example above, would be influenced by the marketing effort used to promote it - and vice versa. Managing both initiatives as a single program would improve communication between the marketing and development teams, resulting in better overall outcomes. As a result, program management entails:

  • Organising linked tasks into a program
  • Managing it using appropriate management approaches, abilities and knowledge.

Difference Between Project Manager and Program Manager

Project Manager and Program Manager

Several projects make up a program. As a result, a program manager is in charge of many projects. His or her tasks might be described as "meta-project management." While this is an obviously basic description, there are a number of subtle distinctions between program and project managers. Examining job descriptions for these two occupations is the simplest way to know these distinctions. Here's an example of a program manager's job description:

Project Manager and Program Manager Networks

Notice how the job duties emphasise the need of collaborating with top executives from many departments? That's a key element of program management: it's more time-consuming and strategic. Now compare it to a project manager's job description:

Project Manager and Program Manager Preferref Qualifications

The role stresses execution and delivery, as you'll observe. That is, project managers are responsible for the tactical aspects of managing deliverables rather than developing strategy.

Highlights of Program Management

Let's take a closer look at some of the distinctions between program and project managers:

  • Program management is a long-term commitment: - A project, as defined by the PMI, is a transitory effort. It has a distinct start and end. The team disbands once the project is completed, and resources are transferred to other initiatives. A program, on the other hand, is designed to help a company achieve its long-term strategic objectives. It may contain dozens (or perhaps hundreds) of smaller projects, each with a different timeframe. You can add or remove projects from the program as long as they meet the strategic objectives.
  • More Strategic Program Management: - A strategic aim will be linked to a number of smaller tactical goals. A strategic aim is to "develop a digital strategy." Tactical aims include "digitise sales collateral" and "allow sales to follow delivery." The achievement of these strategic objectives is the responsibility of a program manager. As you can see, project managers deal with more feasible tactical targets.
  • The Financial Calendar is Connected to Program Management: - The program manager is tethered to the organization's financial cycle due to the strategic nature of initiatives. That example, if you are a program manager, you will be required to present quarterly outcomes. Projects, on the other hand, are typically self-contained. A budget and a deadline will be allocated to the project manager. He or she is not required to adhere to the organization's larger financial calendar.
  • Senior Stakeholders must be dealt with by program managers: - Senior leaders are generally the ones who originate and drive programs. You'll be expected to interact with senior executives and stakeholders from many departments as a program manager. You'll be involved in resolving problems, developing consensus, and influencing choices at the senior management level, rather than day-to-day communication. On the other hand, project managers are more concerned with the project's day-to-day activities. Of course, you'll need to interact with top executives, but your work will be far less governance-intensive.

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